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Richard Walling (1904–1983)

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Richard (William/Bill) Walling was born 1904 and died in 1983. We was an actor, photographer and cameraman in Hollywood California. Married 4 times, his forth marriage, in 1953, was to Marie Elizabeth Brill who was notably a handweaver.

During this period of time Bill Walling made looms for handweavers. He designed and patented the "Cam-Action" Loom. He continued to make them by hand until he selling the rights to produce them to Russell Groff of Robin and Russ Handweavers, renaming them Oregon Trail Looms.


Bill Walling was known for several movies from the late 1920's although he stopped acting in 1929 to pursue work as a photographer. He worked as a photographer and cameraman for several Hollywood movie studios.

Walking Back (1928), Smoke Thatcher

Girls (1927), Tom Drake

The Midnight Kiss (1926), Thomas H. Atkins, Jr.

You can see more of his movie works at IMDB, under Richard Walling
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Oscar winning photo in 1941 and won in 1953 by Stuntmen's Association was in Life magazine, best photo of half century
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